Other programs

Sport and Recreational programs is also provided for Elderly people
from Abalindi Welfare Society. That where the elderly played a
variety of games that is done by selecting the games that are
suitable for their physical fitness. Games are played to promote an
active aging people and to improve their memories as it is
deteriorating due to their age .For example Bingo it is played by


The religious programs are conducted at the Seventh Adventist
Church. The Seventh Adventist Church is inside the premises of
Abalindi Welfare Society. The residents gather together to conduct
prayers and invite pastors from local churches to preach the word of
God. Religious services take place every Saturday. The residents
benefits by attending the church services. Church services help the
residents to connect with their God and to uplift their spiritual being.
Every Wednesday there is a Service Centre which accommodates
the Abalindi Welfare Society residents and the community members;
they worship God and sometimes share their experiences.


Intergenerational programs are conducted by Elderly people who
are able to walk, they visit crèches and nearest schools teaching
young ones about how to present themselves in the community and
to do story telling. All these services are designed to meet the
resident’s needs as some of them came from disadvantaged
background. The implementation of these activities and programs
gives them hope and encourage the elderly people to perform
different activities that keep their bodies healthy and active minds.


Zulu Dance Group. The picture was taken at the
International Convention Centre in the City of Durban EThekwini
Municipality KwaZulu-Natal, after performing at the IVB function. The
group is composed by nine members which is eight boys and one
girl. The Zulu Dance group performs in different occasions. The
community members are also welcome to invite the group if they
need them to perform at their function.