To provide preventative and institutional services for the benefit of
the aged, disabled, the terminally ill and children in need of social,
therapeutic, and development care for all.

Abalindi Mission is to reach out to all Communities in KZN promoting:
 The well-being of the elderly and terminally ill people by
providing comfort, dignified treatment, health needs,
accommodation to those who have a need.
 Well-being to children, who are destitute, orphaned or
abandoned, protecting them from any abuse, promoting their
schooling, always preparing them for a better future, providing
a residential facility for those needing it.
 Providing an early childhood development facility for children,
creating a sound educational base.

Abalindi Welfare Society is situated in Amatikwe under Inanda area,
Inanda is in North West of Durban and it is 19 kilometers (KM) away
from the City of Durban, in South Africa. The area of Inanda is
divided into different areas and it is defined by development.

Forvexample there are areas that are formal and informal. In the informal
areas there is no proper infrastructure such as tarred roads. The
formal areas are well planned and orderly infrastructures.
Amatikwe is a semi-rural area which falls under chief N.B Ngcobo
and headmaster W.D Mkhize and the tribe called Qadi Tribal
Authority .The demographic of this area is 100% blacks, there is an
influence of Indians who are entrepreneurs they come in and out for
business purposes however they do not reside in the area.

The local Seventh Day Adventist Church and other Community
Members initiated Abalindi Welfare Society in 1970 as they identified
the need of resource of this nature, They started with an Old Age
Home, as they discovered that Elderly People are neglected and
abused from their own homes and others had no place to stay with
their grandchildren .The old Age Home caters for the aged person
from the age of 60 years and above.
There was a growing number of children who came along with their
grandmothers as well as those who were found loitering up and
down the streets thus a Children’s home was born and registered in
1994 as a place of care in terms of the Child Care Act No .74 of
1983. Abalindi Children’s Home was registered to accommodate 40
children who are legally placed through Children’s Courts.

Through the involvement of the Organization with Children,
Thokozani Crèche was established. Which serves Abalindi Children’s
Home as well as the community of Amatikwe and Inanda area. The
continuity of expanding didn’t end there, Hospice was also born on
the 05 August 2008 as the members of the community came to drop
their sick people when they feel that they are unable to look after
their loved ones during the day while they are at work or if the sick
3persons whereabouts are unknown, Hospice accommodate 30
people which is 15 female and also 15 males.

The Organization was involved with the consuming projects yet there
was no support, we initiated income – generating projects to sustain
our Organization at the same time creating jobs for community