About Abalindi


Situation in the past era had a great impact in our communities. This era almost had negative impact on black communities. Our communities were greatly affected by political violence. which left many people dead, homeless, jobless, and losing everything they had. Such situations led to many helpless people, elderly and children having no place to stay and no one taking care of them.

We became very much concerned about this situation. And started providing shelter sharing what we have with other people, than Abalindi Welfare Society was born.


This is a non governmental organization based at Amatikwe uMzinyathi locality Inanda in the north of Durban.

This is a semi-rural area with few amenities such as schools, shops, clinics etc. In this area there is high rate of unemployment, which has led to the most Of its youth resorting to crime.

Literacy level is average especially to people aged between 40-62 years. Employment opportunities do not exist in this community, as there are no firms and industries in this community. Most people of this community are victims of political violence and some relocated from their areas to this area which raised the population to approximately 200 000, 'Furthermore, there's a high rate of poverty.


The Amatikwe/Inanda community members initiated Abalindi Welfare Society. A need of a resource of this nature was identified. This started with an Old Age Home (Abalindi in 1970 as we discovered that elderly People Are neglected and abused from their own homes and they had no place to stay with their grandchildren. Our Old Age Home accommodates aged person front the age of 60 years upwards.

There was a growing number of children who came along with their grandmothers as well as those who were found loitering up and down the streets thus a children's home was born and registered in 1994 as place of care in terms of the CHILD CARE ACT NO. 74 OF 1983. Abalindi Children's Home caters for 40 children who are legally place through children's courts.

Through our involvement with children we also started Thokozani Creche. which serves children from Abalindi Children's Home as well as the community of Amatikwe and Inanda. Since the organization was involved with the consuming projects yet we have no support, we initiated developmental income-generating projects to sustain our organization at the same time create jobs for community members.

Our income-generating projects are:

- Bakery

- Block making project

- Vegetable gardening

- Emery farming

- Sewing project.

These projects are within the premises of Abalindi Welfare Society. All these projects are aimed at creating income, job-creation and also sustain the existing cervices.

Considering the HIV/AIDS epidemic:, greatly affecting our black communities, as community organisation were also embarked on HIV/AIDS support programme, which is composed. of local current members who are infected and affected. This programme provides counselling, encouraging support groups by also involving the victims to developmental projects.

This programme also involves parents whose children passed away due to AIDS.


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